The following is a brief summary of the title of this musical piece. It is also an understanding we all must realize for true spiritual advancement.



Death. In this case we are speaking of what is referred to as the ego, personality, specifically that inner psyche, that we think is our true self. To understand what is being conveyed, one must first throw out the false histories, sciences, religions and subjective point of views. The Seven deadly sins, or better said, aggregates that hold us in the chains of this physical body must be broken. This is the meaning of Death. Decapitating the Ego. Letting go of all of what you think you are. Why? Because it is flawed. Perfection is what one must strive to be (like your inner Father). You must be perfect in order to dwell in the superior Dimensions. All of these emotions and subtle thoughts that we think are just the way life is and give into must be worked on. Acknowledge all issues in ones mind carefully, monitor everything that comes out of your vocal throne and your actions. Then through daily meditation; even a light meditation, one can begin to dissolve these issues that bring us negative karma on the everyday basis.



The second birth of ones spiritual self is of the utmost importance. Many of us, in fact nearly all of us, are under the illusion that the physical body is the person. This is not so. The second birth does not come from belief or any ritual. The true definition of BAPTISM is sexual alchemy. We all are born with a divine spark within us. This spark is that personal angel (your innermost - Abel). We also have a personal devil (your ego - Cain). Fortunately, we are not born with the ego, but the ego takes hold of your psyche early in life between the years of birth and 7 years old. This is the big brother - Cain. Your innermost, that Divine Spark, is the little brother - Abel. But, you must give birth to that little brother through the means of Sexual Alchemy. This is why marriage is divinity. We were casted out of Eden as a couple and as a couple shall we return. This is the meaning of the second birth. Single persons must learn the Pranayama meditation amongst other meditation exercises to start the process of the second birth, but sexual alchemy is needed to conclude the process. NOTE: We are at the end of the Kali Yuga Age, the Terrestrial Cycle, the physical 3rd dimension. The only thing permanent in our beautiful universe is…space, karma, and Eden A.K.A. Nirvana/Heaven.



Sacrifice pertains to the innermost; doing all one can to connect to that innermost, learning all that is needed to form a relationship that can grant self-cognizance, including mantras, learning the language spoken by thy Elohim, understanding the Tree of life - the very science of life. Learning the proper upright behavior, to the proper way to love ones self and mate. Knowing thy self does not relate to the physical. This is the process of sacrifice. In marriage, the perfect matrimony is connecting with ones mate in all dimensions; through all bodies from the Physical, Etheric/Vital, Astral, Mental, and Casual bodies. It all starts on the physical level by sacrificing the release of the orgasm. This sacrificial action of transmutation of your seed gives birth to the very vehicle that you need to live after the physical death. Remember, you wake up everyday to the dream-like state of existence, the illusion. What does this mean? It means ever since humanity lost its direct connection with the divine through the means of violating the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil (releasing the orgasm), and in turn, losing 7 of the 12 senses we have. Remember, your innermost and live not only with intellect but also with intuition.



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