Who am I?… No one of importance. What is my history? As troubled or not as troubled as anyone else’s in this present day. Why do I start my bio this way? Because nothing but truth matters. Nothing else, although truth is not high on humanities priority list.


This musical composition was not put together as much for your entertainment as it is for your understanding that there is a true purpose to life.  Most, if not all, of humanity excepts or is forced to except the circumstances they are either born in to or adapted to as they age in life.  Many of us claim that we are good but are forced to do bad things to achieve our goals in life due to the ugly world we inhabit. Yes, I agree with you. Do know that this world did not become ugly by itself, we made it this way.  Every single man, woman and child on this planet has influence in the degeneration of our planet. There is a solution. This solution is simple, but it also takes a super effort of what is called WILL POWER, self discipline, and teaching of Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Art, all as one unit.


Nothing that any of us have been taught, in any country, in any part of the world, is true. Yes, there are some truths in what we have been taught, but the truths have been infected with lies and subjective views of the conquers of every fallen civilization. Every nation on this planet at one time or another has been conquered by its own people or a foreign regime. Everyone and everything in this world has been influenced by personal gain of some sort, which corrupts us all. All governments, religions, educational, entertainment and charity systems have been tainted with corruption. We are all to blame because we accept it.


A personal example - I was there in New York City at the dawn of the popular music form of Hip Hop/Rap Music. I was an active musician in this art form - here are some projects I released in the past which although never truly broke through any boundaries of significance, it did help financially. These projects contributed to the degeneration that is part of the ugliness of our planet. In 1989, the release of the single “Sounds So Smooth” was mindless and harmless. It was a money hunting venture for all involved. My heart wanted to release a more socially aware single, but the record company was not interested. After this experience, I witnessed the industry fade out Hip Hop and turn it in to what is now popular Rap music and degenerate it into the cancer that it is today. This was a deliberate conspiracy conjured up by major influences in the music game, and privately owned prison owners  at that time. This was an effort to fill up privately owned prisons, by using the influence of popular rap music that was and still is within the young communities. It is not a coincidence that the United States has more prisoners in lock up than any other country.  Karma is real what you put out does come back to you.  Entertainment field neglects the need to teach, this is a project that has been put together to do that very thing. TEACH. The only lesson that matters to humanity as a whole...


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